UVs Changing on import UE4

When I import a SPECIFIC model to unreal, the UVs change completely. I’ve checked in 3 different 3D modeling softwares, and the UVs are the same as when I exported them. When I put them in unreal the UVs are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I’ve check my import settings, my export settings, I EVEN TRIED REMAKING THE UNWRAPPINGS, AND REDOING ALL THE TEXTURES I SPENT 5 HOURS ON, and it STILL DIDN’T WORK. Please Help before my sanity fades away completely.

Are you able to share some images? Also how are you evaluating the UV’s?

UVs in blender

UVs after imported into unreal

In the static mesh editor are there any additional UV channels to view? These look like auto generated UVs, you might try to turn off generate lightmap uvs as a test.

I changed the skeletal mesh to Static mesh to show you the UVs from when i imported them, and I’m not actually working with the static mesh

I’m having a similar issue. UV’s look fine in 3DS Max, but are changed when I import the FBX to Unreal. UE puts my UV’s outside the boundaries of the map for some reason. I re-built and re-mapped the model to no avail. I’d love a fix.