UV unwrap tool for pixel alignment in light map

Hi everyone! after a lot of hours spend doing UV mapping and vertex-pixel alignment… Do you know any tool to do this automatically?

I’m talking about aligning your vertex in the second UV channel, so there is no diagonal lines and align the vertexes to the pixel intersections, so you don’t have any line in between two pixels.

this is an example of what I’m talking about

this is the uvs pre-process them


and this is the result after aligning the vertex and fixing any diagonal lines


Is there any tool that you use to do this automatically? any script or something like that (I don’t care if it is for 3ds max, blender or any other program, I just want to get this process done automatically because it is incredibly time consuming)

Do you mind spending the same amount of time, but you aren’t the one doing it? The issue is this is a complex problem.

IPackThis is probably what you want.

It has tons of features, and allows you to set up rules that specify the requirements your project has. It will take as long as you give it. It doesn’t pack as good as the best in the business, but it gets very close, and it save you time. You can leave it overnight, or simply set up a dedicated machine just for it.

The developer seems to be very responsive as well. Be aware that it is US $64.99.

There are other options, but this is the best one I have seen, and is still actively developed.

You can download a trial to see what it will do with your files, but you can’t save out the resulting UVs.