UV + Texturing Problematic Mesh


I’m looking for someone to do new UVs and texture a mesh of a building that has been a bit of a problem. The building is a model of the 1 Poultry building in London, I could maybe do the texture work myself but I also have a ton of other stuff to work on so I’m looking for people to PM me two different quotes; one for just the new UVs and one for both the UV and texture work (4k).

Here is a link a drive folder with the model if you want to check it out before quoting:

Just google 1 Poultry to find tons of reference photos also.

I’m looking for a quick turn around on this, maybe to have it done in the next week or two (maybe 3 at most)… Please mention a timeframe in your quote.


Will this be integrated in Unreal Engine further, Do I need to work on Lighting as well in Unreal ?