UV problem in procedural mesh

I’m using procedural mesh for importing an obj file into the project (at runtime). For this porpuse i have to ​​parse the obj file and then create the procedural mesh based on it. I can import vertices and faces and normal vectors correctly but for importing textures there is a problem that number of tx (texture) attributes is more than v (vertices) attribute, and in this case in unreal code, all of the textures will be ignored. I can’t figure it out how it is possible that textures are more than vertices. Is it possible for a vertex to have two textures? (I don’t think so).
And also I have to say that when I import the file with drag and drop in the editor, imported object is correct so the problem isn’t about the file.

I have the same problem. I have tried to create a procedural pyramid that has 6 vertices. (following a yt tutorial)

If I flat map the pyramid I also get 6 UV coordinates which unreal accepts for the procedural mesh, and by default the world grid texture displays correctly (albeit with overlapping UVs I guess)

If I unwrap the UV so nothing overlaps, I get 8 UV coordinates which UE4 doesnt accept and I get no texture on my pyramid.’

What is the cure for this?

I guess one way to solve this is to create as many vertices in the model as you need for the unwrapped UV points, thus some vertices will be coincident but not connected with polygons