UV Overlap Error, when it's not overlapping

I’ve imported a mesh from 3ds max and the door of my mesh gives an error that the uv is overlapping.
I’ve let UE generate the UV channel like the rest of the meshes, but for some reason this one door will not work.
The UV looks good in the editor, nothing overlapping.

So if I can’t get support here, where can I get support?? I’m paying my monthly subscription, so shouldn’t there be a way to get support directly from the Unreal team? Email or something?

Hi JJBravo,

In your images I can see that you’ve got UV Channel 1 for your lightmap set which would be correct, but from what I’m seeing in your lightmap UV doesn’t look like I would imagine it to.

You have a mesh with more than just two faces from what I can see in the first image. It looks like a window pain with 6 sides. I would expect to see 6 faces in the UV layout.

This is more than likely where the issue is occurring. If you open 3Ds Max and edit the second UV channel you can do a flatten mapping to separate those faces in the UV for your Lightmap.

Give that a shot and let me know.

As for support. We do try our best to answer questions outside of the “Bugs” and “Installation and Setup” areas of the AnswerHub, but we cannot promise to answer them all. This is where the community has been most helpful and we do encourage other developers from the community to jump in and answer questions as well.

Take a look at this thread where a similar discussion on AnswerHub response has been addressed: Dissatisfied with Answerhub response rate - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you!


Thanks Tim!

I’ll keep working on it. Getting some more experience with UV’s now, so I’ll probably figure it out.

I’m having a lot of crashes on UE4.6.1
I assume you guys are getting all the crash reports that we submit? Mainly in the area of importing and working with fbx files/models.

UVs can be tricky until you get the hang of them.

There is some good documentation on WorldofLevelDesign.com under the lightmapping in UDK section. This info is still relevant with UE4 as well.

With the currently releases that use Generate Lightmap UVs (4.5 and later) in the import options. Make sure that is Unchecked. This may be causing a lot of the crashes you are getting. It has some issues with it that will be addressed hopefully soon.

Unchecking that option should resolve most issues with FBX import crashing.

We are supposed to ge the crash reports. However, a lot of times it may take a while (sometimes days or longer) for it to show up in the system. The best solution is to post a crash in Bug reports with your callstack that comes up in crash reporter and posting the crash and dmp files from your project folder (Project folder > Saved > Logs).

There are some changes coming at some point that will help this system be more effective, but in the meantime it’s best to use the latter method and post here for the support staff to look into.



Great, thanks Tim. Very helpful.

(On my imports I did not have the Generate Lightmap checked.)