UV Maps out of order on import, can I reorder them in Unreal?

Longer version of the subject question: I use blender as my 3D editing software. I’ve exported a skeletal mesh with 2 UV maps, named Map, and Map.001 Upon import to Unreal, the order of the UV maps is reversed, where Map.001 ends up in Channel 1, and Map ends up in Channel 0.

Can I reorder the UV maps in Unreal, or is there something I can do in Blender? Is there an import setting I can meddle with to fix this?

I’ve tried reordering them in every way I can think of in blender, but no matter how I order or name the UVs in blender, they come into Unreal in the wrong channels.

Edit: I’m using FBX format

Edit 2: I’m verifying the FBX has the UVs in the correct order by reimporting the FBX back into blender and checking that they FBX import shows the same UV order as the export.