UV maps not imported correctly?

I’m running the latest engine, but I thought something didn’t quite work right with the UV’s a for a while now. Can it be that UE4 doesn’t handle thing UV strips well? The campfer in the image is 1 or 1.5mm. I UV mapped it all nicely in 3DSmax, but in UE4 the edges are stretched. I even reimported the model from scratch and that also didn’t seem to be the issue. I use .FBX to export/import. Anyone have the same issue?


what FBX version are you using to export it from 3DS Max? Also have you been resetting the xForms before exporting?

I always reset Xforms before exporting. I don’t know my .fbx exporter version, where can I see this information?

Try using the ‘Import Uniform Scale’ at 100 or so. Vertices that are nearly identical will be combined, it sounds like the difference in UV is small enough that the engine combined those verts on import. With the uniform scale you can prevent the vertex combining.

Yea but when you do that it scales the model up by a hundred. I don’t want that :confused:
I’m using 1:1 between max and ue4 for architectural stuff. Well, I work in mm in max and cm in ue4.
I will try and import at 100 uniform scale though, just to see if it will fix that issue. Will report back later.

So I did the test and imported at 100, the UV’s are still broken. So import uniform scale isn’t the issue here. How can I tell which is my FBX importer version, and where can I get the latest files if I need to update?