UV mapping in Unreal for a model from 3DS MAX

Help me please! I’m trying to render a material on a model that I loaded into UE4 from 3Dmax in fbx format. This is how the material and model look like in the 3d editor.

After loading into Unreal, the texture has some strange folds and distortions.

They were not in the editor. I use regular TexCords and combine with UV textures.

I also tried using functions from other available materials. But there is also a problem with them. Here is the function I found.

And here is the strip that is formed on the texture.

Please advise something.!!!

This is no uv issue but a lighting issue.
In realtime rendering such things happen.

You can try to increase lightmass resolution on your object

Fnx! My second example says the opposite. The fact that the problem is in UV, because with a different way of setting texture coordinates (based on the world system), the texture lies exactly, except for the transition from one axis to another. I don’t use lightmass at all. Disabled it in world settings. RTX only.

Up Pls!

There is a setting called 'use high precession UV’s ’ you could try. The other thing might be that during import your file gets somewhat ‘optimized’. It could be some verts get merged or it might be a smoothing group issue. (Try auto smooth with angle set to around 27) Check if the UVs are actually the same in 3ds max and Unreal.

I personally haven’t encountered that problem but I usually do not import assets with a huge amount of polygons.

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