UV mapping a Mesh issue?

Hello all!

I hope youre all enjoying some christmas time off (if youv’e got some),

Ive been making a simple room out of BSP, but when i launch it on my Galaxy S4, its entirely pitch black. So i converted the BSP into a Mesh so its all one mesh. Still it was black. Now ive seperated it, so the floor is one part, the ceiling another and walls another etc… They are no longer black, but dont quite as they should. What is the EXACT procedure, from BSP - Mesh to get it to light properly. and to still look crisp./

Any help is appreciated,



Ok so ive exported the meshes as .FBX and imported into 3ds MAX 2015 and applied a UVWMap modifier, then exported and imported back into Unreal. Theyre now fine. BUT i cant have a Playerstart inside the room! Why not? it just says “bad Size”.

Hi James,

Check that there is no collision box that is blocking you from placing it here.

With the static mesh there is more than likely a collision box around the entire mesh that is producing the “bad size” error you’re seeing.



Thanks Tim,

I had not long noticed the collision box upon looking at the Static mesh and removed its collision then Added my own boxes for walls and floors etc

Hope youv’e had a great christmas thanks for all your help.