UV map and texture don't align

I’m having problem with my grass patch. The textures work perfectly inside 3ds max. However, it’s completely messed up inside the engine.

This is inside max -

This is inside UE4

I have exactly the same issue. Did you found the solution?

When modifying the grass planes, I had preserve UV turned on. Basically, I went back into max and redid the UVs from scratch with it turned off. That’s the only way I was able to fix it. Nothing inside UE4 was able to address the issue for me.

I see… Also for me the issue was from Max side.

For some reason my max scene was bugged, and whatever I did, any object that I exported from there had meshed up UVs in Unreal. After creating a new scene, and importing everything from FBX, everything was fine.

Weird things… thanks for the quick reply!