UV Lightmap Modular Design

So im currently making a level and im not sure if there is a standard way of doing UV Lightmaps.

Does it matter if its just a one sided wall?
The one that is aligned with the grid had to be a little stretched but idk if it matters since its just 1 sided wall.

Avoid 1 sided meshes if you are using lighmaps, light will leak. Also avoid making your scene from tiny modular elements, Lightmass doesn’t handle modular pieces that are flush and tiling well, and people can tell if scenes are made from lots of tiny repeating elements. It affects how scenes can be put together.

Thanks for the info :smiley: it led me to Force No Precomputted Lighting more stuff to learn

Though, you are right about what you said, I’ve been looking through the learn section and people just cover up the seams with extra things and depending on how dirty the place is, the seams dont really look bad. But im still look for the answer to my lightmap UV’s that you didn’t say anything about. Just wanted to know so I can UV map it correctly.

From that example, the floor seams are the worst part. The seams are pretty terrible and wouldn’t work for a clean look. But of course if your texture has a seam on the edge of tiling pieces, the seams are basically covered up.

Stretching lightmap UVs isn’t an issue at all, you can get away with a lot of stretching, and not have any artifacts show up. Extreme stretching can cause some artifacts on the edges of shadows, but it’s rarely an issue.

Thank you so much for the reply’s :smiley: now i have a better grasp on how to build modular things now :smiley: and congrats on
ranking up on the forums :smiley: