UV layout and performance


When laying out UV’s is it worth the time to “unwrap” an object vs. automatic mapping? I am laying out the UV’s for a window frame with groves and hard edges. Automatic mapping lays it out clean, no noticeable seams, but splits it into 150 shells. Where as if I tried to limit the seams I can get it down to 50 shells. But this takes more time. Is it worth the time and is there any type performance boost or hit pertaining to the UV seams. I’m not really concerned about the lightmap.


I would think there would be a slight memory usage increase with more seams since it would have an extra set of coordinates for the vertices along the borders.

But other than that if you have a good UV layout for your lightmap then you might be able to use a lower resolution lightmap which would improve performance and visual quality.

Awesome. Thank you for the answer.