UV issue inside UE4

Recently I’ve started my new project and i faced this UV issue when i import my mesh from blender. I did a perfect UV map in blender and tried every other way but it show the same result.Does anyone have any solution please?

Well, that is a bad UV map :slight_smile:

Typically, it should be fine. Make the UVs in Blender and import with defaults, should do the trick.

What do you get when you show the UE UV map? ( 0 )

No, channel zero :wink:

( channel 1 is the lightmap )

actually i’m new at ue :upside_down_face:

Well, that’s doesn’t look right to me :slight_smile: That’s the problem, I think.

Are you just making one UV map in Blender?

blender uv

Ok, so channel 0 should look like that ( more or less ) after importing to UE.

What version of Blender? ( and which exact version of UE? )

Blender 3.5
UE 4.27

Ok. I don’t understand :slight_smile:

Maybe you can upload the FBX of the model, so I can take a look? ( something like google docs, you can PM me if you want ).

this is the one, i’m searching the solution for 2 day :roll_eyes:

Ok, I open it in Blender, and I see nothing… :melting_face:


Hold on… just took a bit longer to download that I thought :slight_smile:

you should import as fbx not open it

Yes, bad UV map

Try cube projection


same as previous
watch the 0 channel

Channel 0 now looks like this

( red just means it’s outside the square ).

ya it works. i import the same fbx that i gave and applied cube projection
but when use the existing mesh it gives that bad result.
can you tell me why?

I applied to cube projection in Blender, the UVs were not ok.

Then, after that, I imported to UE.

How do you make the UVs in the first place? Or did you get the model from elsewhere?

Bro, can i get your discord?