Utter Annoances and unnescesary hindering of a efficient workflow! TOOLTIPS

This is the most rediculous thing ive ever seen in a professional software package…its almost like somone is trolling, the picture speaks for itself, click on component, to see its values, but its blocked with a wiki article of something ive learned in 1 day but shows every single second of use.

You could argue, well lets just move your cursor elsewhere, but every single letter, button, has a tooltip, with a whole wiki article explaining what it is.
Thats not even all, even some part of the editor that are more complex, that you would want to have information, does NOT!

So, it shows the pure basics of the editor like a tutorial.
Anyone working with the engine knows what an actor and mesh is, why are we force to see a whole wiki article every single time, as well as blocking the most important information you are actually working on.
The whole editor is like some tutorial that lasts INFINITELY, as well as blocking the variables, assets, code, you are actually working on and require to see and read in order to well…work.

One fix is for 1 person to change the DEFAULT description from 1 single line, and add more info to “ctrl + alt”.
Thats how it should be from the start, but the devs have never ever bothered to touch it.

I really have to either disable the tooltips, so i cant see the most important information you actually need to see, or play a game of mario and manouver your cursor and hope it doesnt touch anything other than the viewport…

For the love of all thats holy…minimal tooltips please, theres a reason for “ctrl+alt” to see extra information, its just implemented half-■■■■■…please. thanky you.