UTouchInterface & VirtualJoystick in UMG


Does anyone have successfully implement a Virtual Joystick in UMG?

I used the Slate one, but it’s kind of limited when using also UMG as UMG Widget will take all the focus first, then the touch interface. That’s mean, if you want to create button for action in UMG near the the joystick, you will have some bad behavior.
And the current “controls” of the Virtual Joystick are really basic.

thanks for your input.

I’m trying to do something like that. But I’m stuck in the same point. Only the touch interface or the UMG gets the touch/click input.

I end up improving the VJoytick to add my need into it. I don’t have time to migrate the code in UMG widget, but that would have been the best solution !

sorry to bump this did you guys manage to solve your problem?