Utilizing player specific SteamID with Mod - Server Spawn Kit

I’ve been able to reference many users on this forum, and I need to thank StudioWildCard, Xydion., The Wookie (Youtuber), and pbarnhardt. I’m working on putting together several different spawn kits for players on my server. I hope my question is straight forward! I understand how to make customized player inventories, but it’s necessary for it to be player specific. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction on how to…

A rough concept to explain my thought process is… /enable_hide_kit_ID:120983252. as a command in game.
**Part of the Mod could have a string where I can write down the playerID to spawn with the kit.

That would mean every time that specific SteamID (or player) would die, it would respawn with the hide kit I created.Secondly, my hope is multiple SteamIDs can be activated with that Kit. And Lastly…an implementation of several kits could be put into place…Flak Kit, Tranq Kit, etc.

Thank you in advance for tips or advice people may have in this category!

Any luck with this?