Utility for making a tiled world build

I only have the standard edition of World Machine, so that means I can’t do tiled world builds. Or does it?

I can instead do one massive 16k x 16k build, but Unreal won’t import that. You have to slice the heightmap by hand. Except by hand I mean by script.


  1. Export your heightmap from World Machine as “.r16” format.
  2. In Photoshop click File -> Open As.
  3. Change the format in the bottom right to “Raw”.
  4. Open your .r16 file.
  5. Enter the dimensions, change the channels to 1 and set the byte-order to IBM PC.
  6. Change the background colour to black (this is going to be the height of the overflow at the edges).
  7. Go to File → Scripts → Browse… and select the MakeTiles script.
  8. Choose an appropriate tile size. Larger tile sizes export faster.
  9. Choose your destination folder.

Then go through the normal tiled build workflow in Unreal. Setting X and Y to 100 should give you a 20km x 20km landscape.

Download MakeTiles script

Sweet! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: