Utility classes


I’ve recently started looking into unreal engine and I was wondering about the right way to structure your c++ project when working with UE. I work as a software engineer for a living so I want to learn to do things properly in UE world straight from the beginning.

As I have understood you need to use UE Editor to create c++ classes. If I wanted to write a Utility class which I might use in multiple places. Which option in the UE’s C++ class wizard would be the correct option for that?

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Function libraries :

I’m not sure that answers the question asked. morrenmaa, if you’re looking to write something like a collection of C++ static functions, you can derive from UObject, and that should work for you.

If you’re looking for Blueprint usable things, also, I’m not yet familiar with that, but Bruno’s answer looks like it could be a place to start digging at.