UTF-8 decoding in blueprint


I’ve got a bit of a problem where i’m sending encoded arabic text (python encoded to utf-8) into UE.

I just need to decode it(i think)! Is this somewhere where i’ll need to wrap a c++ function? If I paste the raw arabic text directly into a string variable it does what i expect which is great, but at the moment I’m sending the data through a socket so it’s just ascii.

FYI i’m pasting the text into a HTML file which is saved, then i use BLUI to render the HTML file, rendering the arabic text nicely to a texture… talkabout a workaround.

Please help! I’m rubbish at c++.


Can’t you just do something like?

FString MyUTF8Text(TCHAR_TO_UTF8("ArabianASCIICode"));

Maybe this helps you.

Thanks stane, I’ll have a go at adding this to my socket receiver. I’ll let you know how it goes.