UTexture2D CreateTransient

Hi, I am making an inventory system. I want to scale the images of the object to fit in my grid. I think that the best way to scale the UTexture2D is with CreateTransient. My code has 0 error, but when I run it it says: LogTexture:Warning: Invalid parameters specified for UTexture2D::Create()

This is my code:

struct Icon
	FString name;
	UTexture2D* tex;

	Icon() { name = "UNKNOWN ICON"; tex = nullptr; }
	Icon(FString& iName, UTexture2D* iTex)
		name = iName;
		tex = iTex->CreateTransient((int32)43, (int32)43, iTex->GetPixelFormat());

I know this is an old post but I believe your receiving that warning because CreateTrasient wants with and height values that are powers of two.