UTextRenderComponent - Forcing no Replication (Client Side Only)?

Currently I have a custom Item class extended from AStaticMeshActor, the actor itself has to be replicated. It has a TextRenderComponent which is interacted with on Overlap events.

OnOverlap with Actor of class Character it turns Visibility of the TextRenderComponent on, and on overlap ending it turns it off.

This however is replicated, and all clients see the TextRenderComponent toggling visibility rather than just the pawns who have entered its interaction range. (Which also means if two players enter at same time, when one leaves, visibility is turned off for both.)

How would you force it to not replicate and those events to fire on individual clients seperately rather than serverwide?

I am stuck on basically the same thing - Unwanted Replication - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums