[UT99] Problem in UnrealED

There is a mod for UT99 that I really like, but I want to change a value in the parameters of a class. So I go to the Actor Class Browser and I click (right button) and I go to properties of the parameter class and I change the value, I close and I save the package, but I think it does not work, because if I restart UnrealEd and go to the Class parameter it have the original value, it don’t save.
Thank you, Sorry for my English!

Hello, please ask on the udk forums as this is the ue4 forum, and there are a lot people wanting to help you there!
Closing this thread.

Howdy Jakoozie,

You may find that the UT forums would be a better location for this question. Also be sure that this is a UE4 related question. UDK posts can be made here:

Thanks and have a great day!