ut99 models

How would I port a ut99 model to ut4?
How would I make a ut99 model work with ut4?

You would first check to see if Epic gives permission for that sort of thing. Though I think it’s likely they would welcome people to remake characters and maps from past UT games I don’t think they would allow a straight port or conversion of assets.

In any case, if you are going to use UE4, you can also take a look at

Thank you for that info
I will check that out.
Maybe you can help me
I used makehuman and wanted to bring it into blenderbut theres no skin on it or bones
can you tell me why or point me in the right directions for this question thank you

Use UModel application.

Maybe you didn’t export the bones?

try this also pt 1 is about setup blender tools for make human if you haven’t done that

mmm maynot! thanks I will try that later have a good day :slight_smile:

I have makehuman I made a model rigged it rendered it and went to maximo and it did not like the skeleto for some reason, oh i used FBX
So I made the same skin over and did not put the bones in it and it worked.
what is the hight of the models for UE4?

UT99 uses vertex meshes, which doesn’t have skeleton. It would be very hard to convert it to a skeletal mesh with animation, and definitely you can’t import such mesh into UE3 or UE4.

You can use Unreal Model Viewer to extract some models from Unreal Tournament 1999.