UT40k in UE4

just to show what i’ve been trying to get working recently.
using the UE4 Shooter Game as a base to add characters + bots
added a simple menu to swap out the character but atm doesn’t work for the bots

after watching a few of the other guys doing hud’s / menus i though i might have a go and port as system i was using in udk sort of works but i’m going to wait for UMG to improve the look

still hoping for Factions to be added to the shooter game so that i can have proper teams but we’ll see

its all looking good so far geodav:)

40K rules!!.. but where are my dark eldars?? why are you playing with primitives races.

sorry but i only have some really old DE models to work with, but if you have some up to date ones then i’d be more than happy to include them :slight_smile:

ouch :frowning: , my organic modeling skills are so bad (like my english), it is a pitty because i would like to see Lelith Hesperax in action.

Are you planning on adding in melee. I would love to walk up to an enemy with a powerfist and send them flying.

atm i’m trying to cheat by using a 3d scanning process and then using it as base to make a lowres/game version, problem being is that i’m using a trial version and my set up isn’t really good enough to produce sculpt like results, so atm i’m only doing the actual models that i own, atm ork bike then this weekend i might start the Dire Avengers

i’ve been asked this many times over the years but so far its been very limited to faking it eg impact hammer , not really melee but fun

Nice work buddy! You have some solid dedication to 40k, best of luck with the UE4 version!

Also how are you finding Blueprint?

hi rzb , yes it’s part of my day to day life :slight_smile: . well blueprints is still coding to me with var’s functions and god know what, i tend to think of it like extending unrealscript as i haven’t really looked at the c++ , so far most of what i need i do in blueprints