ut4 models/characters

The Skaarj looks good
You can make a draconian out of that by putting a dragons head on it an dragon scales A tail and wings and then paint it red
Whenever i get my computers! (if ever) i want to put a server and get my clan started.
Well that’s my idea.
Have a great day/night :slight_smile:

Might want to post UT4 discussion in the UT4 forums

ok thanks )

Do you not longer want dev a game?

I do but I am waiting on parts for my other machine.
This is my wifes machine, vid not good and not much ram

Since a week i touch 16GB after a hour editing, have to upgrade again ^^

Oh no :frowning: …But 32GB of RAM is nice :slight_smile:

My new machine will handle 32 gig ram
over kill 1200watt ps lol

With that, i could run my sys close to three times…

Incase I have to add another hd or dvd etc.