UT4 for Linux

I have bestowed myself of continuing the project UT4 from the point where Epic abandoned the project. The aim here is three fold

  1. Update the UT code as per latest Engine release in modular fashion
  2. Extensive focus on Linux platform
  3. Using Engine to push forward the AI realm

Anyone and everyone is welcome. I am supporting the project at https://github.com/ravimohan1991/LinuxUnrealTournament

Current Status:
UT4 compiles on Linux and loads natively in the Editor. Right now I am struggling with error corresponding to packaging UT. The GitHub repository is in beginning stages (pre-pre alpha stage if you will :D). I am available whole time (as much as my body allows) on Slack channel unrealr.slack.com (Create Account | Slack) and on the canonical forums Forum - Unreal Tournament Forums.

Let us build this for once and for all!

I was wondering if I am in accordance as per Epic’s license. I mean if the GitHub repository is set right.