UT4 experts, Middleware required and UT4 Engine and c# fork?

UT4 experts,

Does the use of UT4 require the use of middleware or is it a part of the UT4 package?

IE: Crytek SC will include all other middleware that may be needed to utilize the engine:

Crytek includes the FMOD sound library and tools at no additional cost, as well as the Scaleform Gfx Library and tools.

Crytek does not include the following:

• Scaleform Video Middleware (which is used for video decoding and playback;

• Annosoft’s Lip-sync SDK (used for driving character’s mouth and jaw animation);

• GameSpy (online matchmaking service) - as these must be licensed directly from their respective companies, if required.

• The XTREME Toolkit Pro MFC class library must be acquired separately in order to rebuild the Sandbox Editor.

The MAX SDK must also be purchased from Autodesk in order to rebuild the CryExport plugin.

If there is middleware required to run (as in actually be able to launch a full functioning game) UT4 what is it? What does it cost? Can you please provide links?

Also, I heard there was a c# fork being made for UT4, is this true? Links?

Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.



No, UE4 is meant to be an entire package, the current area that it lacks is the UI, there’s a scripting system there currently but that’s something that they are working on with their Unreal Motion Graphics update.

Any other stuff is all up to you, there’s many middleware solutions that have UE4 support if you decide there’s something you want to use, then you have to pursue a license for those yourself.
As for content creation, there’s a wide range of programs that people are using.

  1. What language is the scripting system?
  2. So there is no middleware required beyond the 19.99/5% package required to make a full standalone game? (That is obviously beyond needing things like blender etc to make the assets)
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1–You can code in C++ or actually most gameplay can be done with Blueprints, which is a node-based scripting tool
2–When you pay for UE4 you can start working immediately without buying anything more, anything else you want (like say Speedtree) is your own choice.
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c# fork?


There’s some people working on adding C# in there, I’m not sure how far it’s gotten. It wouldn’t be surprising if that were a plugin that people release once the Marketplace opens up.

Do you have a link to the C# fork progress? Or where to find it?

You can search for the term C# and it’ll bring up everything