[UT4] Cannot find custom map in Game Settings maplist

Launcher version of the game, build “Network Version: 3008040” (as reported in the in-game Info menu, last button before the Quit cross).
Launcher version of the editor, build “Version: 4.7.0-2532759+++depot+UE4-UT-Releases”.

I’ve made a small testmap, called it DM-JonMap, and saved in Content/Maps. Compiled it, no problems. Clicked Share → Share This Level, it packages fine. I do NOT share the map so it stays local for now.

When I start UT4 through the Launcher, I cannot see this custom map in the map list. I’ve put the .pak in both of the following locations, and it still doesn’t appear:


However I can start a LAN game with any map from the maplist, open the console and use “open DM-JonMap” successfully. But this makes it difficult to play a bunch of custom maps with friends, especially since the servertravel command doesn’t appear to work.

Is this a known problem with the build from 5/1/2015?

Does anyone have advice here? Still having trouble with showing custom maps in the UT4 map browser.

bump. also having same issue