UT Student Map - Neon City 3

Hello there!

I’m currently studying Game Design at Future Games and together with Evelyn Peterson (3D Artist) we’ve build this CTF/TDM map.

Target: Intermediate/Advanced players - 5 vs 5

It would be great to get feedback from the community and revive UT!

You can download the .pak file here and play it :smiley: : http://studioblackhole.com/UT/CTF-NeonCity3-WindowsNoEditor.pak

*This Level is a Future Games production.

Special Thanks for 2D Artists:

Angelika Przybyl
Emanuel Axelsson
Gustaf Hammerth
Mariana Salimena
Beatrice Karlsson

Also a very special Thanks for Linnea Harrison (Neat Corporation) our Level Design course leader and best guider ever in this journey!

Look interesting :slight_smile:

The right place for WIP maps for UT4 is here :wink: