UT event with prizes in November!

Hi guys!

As some of you may know, (when you buy UT99/2k3/2k4, is the default network) has merged with some years back. Long story short, this upcoming November will mark GlobalGamers’ 8th anniversary. In light of this, we have decided to host a UT related event, with some prizes for the winners!

The gametypes played will mostly be determined by the amount of players who sign-up, as this will be a 1 to 2 day event only.

We have a poll running to let the community choose which game they’d prefer to play, however there’s a good chance that we’ll host events for all 3 games that are in the poll.

I will post a sign-up link and more details relevant to the event eventually, but for now, please cast your votes!

Thanks :slight_smile: