UT editor crashes

I run Unreal Tournament Editor(Epic Game Launcher-UT-create-Launch) and I get it

tell me how to fix

Hi UTBrock,

I am happy to help, however there is some information I will need to better assist you:

  1. Can you post your dxdiag here so I can take a look?
  2. Does the project ever actually open or does it crash before it even opens?
  3. Have you tried opening the project from the Unreal Tournament filepath?
  4. How far into the process does the loading screen get before it crashes?

(1)link text

(2) I not never launched it

(3)so open and work(:\Epic Games\UnrealTournamentEditor\Engine\Binaries\Win64 run UE4Editor.exe)

(4)100% load(and the program should be run but) crashes

It is highly recommended that you have a video card that is dx11 compatible to run the engine, it is unlikely that you will be able to run the editor on the video card your computer is currently utilizing. Here are the minimum hardware recommendations for running the editor efficiently: Linux Game Development in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation