[UT Editor 4.8.0] Pain Volume isn't returning the flag

Hi !

I’m actually building a CTF level for Unreal Tournament. I just discovered that if I get the flag and I’m entering into a UTPain Volume or Pain Causing Volume, the flag isn’t returning to its base.
Maybe I forgot to check something, I don’t know. Here is the detail list of my UTPain Volume :

On this one I tried multiple box length and various “damage per sec” values, nothing is changing.

Thanks !

Hi Rojiraan,

Unfortunately the pain causing volume isn’t going to automatically reset the flag to base, they are specifically designed to deal damage to the player and once the player dies they are set to drop the flag. What you will have to do is either add in functionality that when dropped the flag resets or make a blueprint for your pain causing volume that does the same thing.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Okay, sorry for the misunderstanding.
I was asking this because I saw on the last change notes that the “Flag is returned if falls into pain volume”.
I will look how to do this with blueprint, thanks for the explanation.

Okay nice ! Thank you very much !!

Hi Rojiraan,

I did a bit more digging and you are correct, in the UT build since that version notes the flags should return to base and do not. I have entered a bug report, UT-1043, to be assessed by the development staff.