[UT] Destructible mesh and network replication problems

Hi all !

I’m actually building a CTF map for Unreal Tournament (on the UT Editor 4.8.0) and I’ve got a serious problem with a essential component of the map, a destructible floor (which is in fact a blueprint actor called “DestruFloor” composed of a thin rectangle placed several times on the map).

First, here is a screen of the actor’s Event Graph :

And here is a really short video showing what this script does when everything is working fine (sorry for the really bad framerate // that’s recorded in singleplayer mode) :

And here is what it does when I’m activating the “Run dedicated server” mode :

(You can notice on the last video that for the “Client 1”, the 3 rectangle boxes have been well respawned, but they are spawned over the old ones. Furthermore, the animation seems to work but it’s like the boxes are respawning before the material animation, or something like that).

So I tried various things with the “Switch Has Authority” node (that I placed just after the “OnComponentFracture” node) like connecting only the “Authority” to the “Sequence”, then only the “Remote”, then both. Nothing changed.
For sure, I checked the “Replicates” checkbox on my blueprint.
I also watched the [networking tutorials][2] you’re putting on Youtube, and the [Nato post][3] on UT Forums.
Also, on the Youtube tutorials, I saw the Multicast option that would maybe solve the problem, but I don’t see how to activate it.

That’s it, thanks for any help :wink:

EDIT : I succeed to create a simple Multicast event node, here is a screen :

Now, the actor seems to react differently : - YouTube

(The thin rectangles aren’t flying like this anymore if I delete the “Set Simulate Physics” node).

Apparently, the engine can’t replicate the exploded particles. I tried the same thing with a simple destructible mesh placed on the map, without being in an replicated actor, the problem is the same. I don’t know if it’s coming from the UT weapons themselves or from something else.