USurfaceMesh New Version 1.2 Released

Hi everyone,

I thought I would let you know that I just updated the USurfaceMesh plugin for Unreal Engine.

This new 1.2 release included the following updates:

  • Erosion (Water and Thermal)
  • Apply to Landscape (to sculpt the mesh onto the landscape)
  • FlowMap generator using erosion data
  • Edge distance and mesh height can now use curves to control them more

A major new tool was also added in this release called USurfaceMeshPaint. This new tool can use surface data from any static mesh to do the following:

  • Paint vertex colors on the mesh
  • Render out vertex colors or surface data to a texture asset
  • Move vertex colors to different channels on a mesh
  • Transfer vertex colors from one mesh to another mesh (Even with different mesh data)

The USurfaceMesh plugin was created to make the process of building procedural custom static meshes on any surface a lot easier and all within the editor. Whether you are building rocks, cliffs, mud mounds, sculpting landscapes, painting multi-layered materials on meshes or anything else in between, this plugin may help with that process.

Here are some videos of these new features: