UStaticMeshComponent in C++ in not the same as in BP. Empty Details in BP

Why if i create a UStaticMeshComponent it does not have the same options as from BPs?
And the options is collapsed and are under General category which I specified in C++.
How Can I create the Same Structure(I must have material, Transform options and so on… Or so that it is as much as possible similar to the standard view and has the same parameters (or most of them)) on screenshot is Number [1,2]?

On Screenshot Number 3. Why do I have empty Details on ProjectileMovementComponent in BP?

My Screenshot url:


Make sure your components have the ‘VisibleAnywhere’ UPROPERTY() specifiers in C++.

P.s.: your linked image is low-res, no idea what idea it’s supposed to show

Good day!

It is not low-res. I uploaded a full res there. Only if you click on it to zoom you can see more details.
or go to this(this one( is opened in a new window and it you can lick LMB to zoom in/out)

For this situation I have *EditDefaultsOnly, Category = “Components”

Thank you!*