UStaticMesh and NavArea Class

Hello, i’m exposing my problems on this forum too.

I’m trying to set in c++ the variable " bIsDynamicObstacle " and the " NavArea class " as we can found in the editor.

Having a staticmesh and in the panels " details -> navigation "

I don’t find the anwser on the web and have no idea how to start this.

Thanks for helping me


I got the variable bIsDynamicObstacle in public to modify it in others script.

But it seems that i can’t reach the NavArea like this image.

Any help ?


hi, i still didn’t find an answer.

I have checked the files :

NavCollision + NavCollisionBase, still stuck at the variable “TSubclassOf<UNavArea> AreaClass” to set it. (with the blueprint class created)

Some help or how to find the way to it :smiley: