Where do I put the uassets and other things like tool props furniture etc. etc. ??

I’m not sure I understand your question completely. What are you trying to do?

Well trying to use assets and want to use some of them.

Are you talking about the folder structure of your project or adding assets to a level? If you’ve already imported the assets into your project then you can add them anywhere inside a level. Assets can really be anywhere you want but you can always create folders with clear names so you can organize them better.

adding assets to my level.

I know how to do some of the basic things but to stuff to the map, I really suck there.
That.s why I like books.

Books give me a better understand. thanks and have a great holiday

Unless someone wants to help me for a bit I will be willing to share kudos and other things.

@dragonguy you can simply drag and drop assets from your content browser to add them to your level. It’s the same for BSPs and other stuff.

Let’s say you import a static mesh into your project. It should then appear in your content browser. Find it in your content browser and then click and hold your left mouse button on the asset and drag it to your viewport. That should make it show up on your level.

If you’re adding a skeletal mesh on the other hand, you can also add it the same way as above to make it show up on your level however it won’t be “possessed” (you won’t be controlling it). That method is probably ok for adding some enemies but If you want to add a player which you can control you need to:

  1. Add a player start in your level
  2. Create a blueprint representing your player character
  3. Create a GameMode blueprint and assign the player character you have created.
  4. Assign your newly created GameMode blueprint in your project settings or at the world settings panel so that your project will be using it.

Some reference links for more details:

The player start is where your character will spawn in your actual game. If you prefer reading to watching videos then a good place to start would be in the official unreal documentation which you can find at:

You can search or browse for any topic in the documentation. There’s also a side-menu which is like a table of contents. If you don’t see it then it might be hidden, just look for the arrow on the upper left-side and click on it to show it in that case.

Anyway, I’d help you a little bit if you want. Send me a private message on here or send me your skype so we can chat in real-time if you prefer.

Thank you very much for your time.I appreciate it.

I use to have skype but did not know anybody to talk too
I will have to download it again

ok I have Skype now just got to remember how to use it I use my email. I will give you my email if you want it.

I use my email.