USS Avenger (MCM-1)

Hi all.
I’ve decided to reanimate my old project of making military vessel USS Avenger. It was started and left in 2011-2013 and now I am think about how to put this one in Unreal Engine.

Here is some renders of highpoly model: ; I was trying to upload images with width of 9600px but Artstation reduced their size :frowning:

Some current technical info:

  • between 2M-3M of triangles; it is hard to say accurate because most of geometry (including walls) was made for sub-d;
  • 84 unique props for placement (and should be more of them);
  • near 1.5K placed objects.

I’ve attached some screenshots from UE after uploading all this stuff directly into Engine.

How do you think, would it be interesting? What technical problems could appear?

P.S. I am not going to load sub-d models into UE , of course, they should be optimized.