USoundWaveProcedural crash on android

I try to do the voice streaming on Android, when I do this

Whenever I try to do VoiceComp->Play() I get the following message.

	UAudioComponent* VoiceComp;
	AAmbientSound * soundSource;
	USoundWaveProcedural* SoundStreaming;

        SoundStreaming = NewObject<USoundWaveProcedural>();
	SoundStreaming->SampleRate = 16000;
	SoundStreaming->NumChannels = 1;
	SoundStreaming->SoundGroup = SOUNDGROUP_Voice;
	SoundStreaming->bLooping = false;
	VoiceComp = Cast<UAudioComponent>(soundSource->GetComponents()[0]);
	VoiceComp->Sound = SoundStreaming;

D/UE4 (27150): [2016.04.14-19.06.24:643][ 0]LogAndroidAudio:Warning: FAILED OPENSL BUFFER Enqueue SL_PlayerBufferQueue 0x2 params( 0x0, 0)
D/UE4 (27150): [2016.04.14-19.06.24:643][ 0]LogAndroidAudio:Warning: Setup failed SoundWaveProcedural_0

Seems like the crash come from OpenSL enqueue method, giving me invalid parameter error.