Using web programming languages for creating and Displaying UI

I want to know if there is a way by which,

  1. I can use HTML as UI for my unreal application ? (Or)
  2. Use server side html render and overlay the graph/data in UE4

Basically I want to create UI using web programming languages for a windows app.

Background : The application is windows based and will have to display a lot of data fetched from a server. Instead of creating the UI and data handling using UMG, I want to find a way to use languages like HTML, JavaScript etc to render the Web UI on top of my UE application.

If it only to pull some json data, you can use RestAPI plugin to fetch your data, else there other plugin for web ui but some are old and not for commercial use:

Last case would be to develop a desktop app using Desktop Electron(or other technologies) and try to merge it with your UE app.