Using Video files with sequance

Hi Everyone

I realise that what I am attempting to do is not “normal” for Unreal, but you guys build a kick *** realtime renderer so its bound to happen that we would like to use it to save time. We have build a virtual studio with camera movement directed by a sequence. All good and working fine. Thing is we are trying to incorporate a live action video that was shot on green screen into the studio. I am able to load the video on both Mac and Windows using proress 4444 Quiktime on Mac with Alpha or Windows uncompressed AVI with alpha. I see the video no problem mask works and I have created a blueprint for it to start playing with the level. Blueprint is on the mesh that contains the video material. The problem is the video is not synced with the playback frame rate when capturing the movie with sequencer. I have a timeline of say 250 frames that translates to 10 seconds at 25fps PAL. My video is also 25fps PAL but when recording, the CG background is recording properly at 25 fps matching with the timeline but the video is playing back much faster. I have changed the project settings to fix the framerate at 25fps. I have created a workaround that kind of defeat the purpose of it all for I have to render the video in Maya and composite it on the background after exporting the camera from the sequence to FBX. So I will show two example videos, first the result from Unreal the second my workaround and the way its supposed to be. I am not sure if this is a bug or just not posable with Unreal. It would be great and save days of work if I can get this to work. It is as if there is no relation between the frame number on the video and the frame number on the timeline. Its almost as if there is motion blur between the frames. According to the fps my system can run the scene at 62 fps at 1920x1080. I capture at 1280x720 so not high resolution. Not sure if I am doing something wrong for I could not find any documentation on doing something like this. I can see how this can be a problem in a game environment where you are trying to match video to the timeline during opening videos that is made in sequancer.

Thanks for any input or advice.


Hi its been 17 days and not even one response, does no one have a clue how I can fix this.