Using .uproject file with -dx - opengl parameter not working

I was wondering if its possible to start up the editor over a .uproject file with a parameter for -dx version like the guy in this question did.

I tried that with dx11 - -dx12 and -opengl4 and im relative sure i always ended up using d3d in the end.

That conclusion comes from the play in own window mode as im not aware how to check the used graphic version in editor otherwise. That window is at least showing D3D with shader model or GLSL so one can see if its runnign in opengl or dx at least.

When i start the editor over a normal editor short cut and then use the parameter its shows corectly glsl for opengl4 at least. So im sure pretty sure its not working for uproject files.
Im not even sure it should but i would be happy if one could use parameters with .uproject files too because it would spare the choose project step.