Using Unreal3D for terrain visualisation of GIS data


Is it possible to map a large cartography texture on a heightmap so we can easily define a landscape with roads, lakes, cities, points of interest …

We are developing a flight simulator game with precise constraints related to the landscape. It would be easier for our project, to do it that way instead of having to paint the landscape and adding 3d cities which are not seen in details from a plane point of view.

Thanks for your help

Yep, it’s possible -> just import the texture - create a material and add a landscape coord node - apply it to your landscape - change the scale of the landscape coord till it fits your terrain :slight_smile:

Sorry to insist but it seems that this solution impose a limitation on the texture size (like 8000 * 8000).
Is it a true limitation or is there a way to pass by it ?

That’s true that the limit is at 8192x8192 -> Maximum size of heightmap? - UE4 AnswerHub
You could just use level streaming to put several landscapes together -> so split up the texture + heightmap into different parts :slight_smile: