Using Unreal Tournament 4 Source in your own projects?

I wanted to double check if we’re allowed to use the source in UT4 in our own projects and sell them.

I was looking at the License.pdf that comes with the github source. It may be saying that we aren’t supposed to use code in anything outside Unreal Tournament. If this is true, does that mean we shouldn’t, for example, copy paste out UTProjectile.h and UTProjectile.cpp and all the other associated things it depends on into our code. Are we allowed to copy snippets of files at least? Or is it all fine to use? I can’t help but at least look at the source for ideas.

From the glossary:

So source is defined under the UT Content. And the snippet below says we aren’t supposed to use UT Content outside of UT. I assumed earlier this meant only art assets, until I read the glossary term.

It’s definitely is prohibited to copy/paste code from licensed project into your own.
I mean nothing stops you, but on a trial it will be obvious if you’ve really did it and code analysis will find any “borrowing”.

You can draw inspiration and learn how to do certain stuff(Of course your patterns could resemble Epic patterns and there is nothing wrong with that, but pure copypasting is a big no-no)

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and this is just my understanding of the law

It’s good I double checked. A while ago I’ve asked this and since it’s open source some people have said it should be fine, but then again they probably weren’t authorities on the subject.

I’d especially like to hear from someone at Epic if possible, but for now I’ll assume we aren’t supposed to reuse UT4 source in our own projects.

It definitely doesn’t say UT4 source is MIT or anything anywhere…

It’s clearly stated in UT github README:

People mixing source being open to everyone and with copyright and source redistribution, so you need to watch out. UT is still copyrighted.

No you can’t use code from Unreal Tournament in another Unreal Engine 4 project.

See Can I fork the Unreal Tournament Project to make something else ? & How much code can I use from Unreal Tournament?.

Update: Helps if you re-read previously bookmarked answers.

in the first answerhub link you gave the response changed from “yes you can” to “no you cant”, EG:

Well that might explain why I thought the answer was yes a few months back.

question wuld epic thank me if i tryed/did added feutures for UT?
i like to code and see others use my code whas a dream that sadley nerver came true