Using Unreal Tournament 4 Editor through the Unreal Launcher Load Error PLZ HELP!!!

I have been getting an error when i launch the editor i get 4 load errors:

Error /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer_Mix : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/PSM_AnnouncerMix
Info Failed to load /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/PSM_AnnouncerMix.PSM_AnnouncerMix Referenced by Announcer_Mix
Error /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/PSM_AnnouncerMix
Error Failed import for SoundMix /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer_Mix.Announcer_Mix [redirection] in /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer

i looked in the editor files and they are not there and its not just me having this problem, my brother is using the same editor and his is opening with the same load error.

This error is causing the paking to fail when i try to pak the map for use in unreal tournament.

Please help i can normal solve my own problems but i am stuck :frowning:

I have the same Errors in the log after starting the editor.
Does really no one know what to do about it?