Using Unreal music on Kickstarter trailers?

Are we allowed to use old Unreal music on trailers? I want to put a good old Unreal music to the end of my trailer. Any thoughts?

You’d have to contact the owner of said music for permission. Personally though, I would find it odd to have recognisable music from another game in your trailer.

I don’t know which exact music you talk about, but if it’s the music from example content like the particle effects demo, then you can use it commercially, yes.

Old as in Unreal 1-2-3 then not a good idea as their use is not compatible with current licensing terms and conditions of Unreal 4.

Well, he specifies ‘old Unreal’ music, which does not suggest the stuff you find in the example content.

Yeah, I’m talking about Unreal 1 music. I believe I have to ask permission from Epic Games but I haven’t found any licensing email. Does anyone know?

Give a try, seems to be the best place for queries like this. :slight_smile:

Thanks! That’s the one I need!