Using Unreal marketplace assets outside of Unreal Engine

Hello, I am developing a PC exclusive title on Unity Engine but unfortunately most of the assets being sold on the asset store are marketed towards mobile developers. These assets are not up to the standards of current generation PC/console assets and it’s really quite difficult separating the worthwhile from the not worthwhile.

I was looking over the Unreal Engine marketplace and I feel that these assets would be better for my project but you have to subscribe and agree to terms of service. There’s a certain clause that might make sense (Epic provides free asset packs to their developers) but I’m worried about this clause being applied to all assets being sold on the marketplace.

Then there’s also the “premium asset” clause

Could someone with a bit of experience with the UE4 marketplace be able to go into things a little bit more for me?

Right now, the only “UE-Only Assets” available are the free content created by Epic themselves. I do not think this licence add on is available to external sellers at all, only being intended as a way for Epic to give away valuable stuff without risking it being used with competitors engines.

This is the first time i hear of “Premium Assets”. I guess we will see it used in the future where it makes sense, to broaden the type of content that can be made available on the Marketplace.