Using Unreal Engine without Visual Studio

I want to program in C++, but I can’t install Visual Studio, because the Installation crashes. I’ve tried it with all Visual Studio versions, but it doesn’t work. Could I use an other compiler?

There is a option of XCode in the editor, But the VS installation crashing is NOT normal.
You should look into why VS install is crashing.

There were a known problem in VS installer (not sure whether it was fixed or not). Maybe that’s your case.
Try to manually install VC 2015 redistributable packages (both x86 and x64) and then run installer again.

As ryan20fun already said, usually the installation of VS is pretty stable. You should try to find out whats going wrong. Maybe the reason will strike back again in another program.

Visual Studio is free you only need to register, no?

Visual Studio 2015 does not have a free version, only a trial.

VS2015 is designed for Windows 10+, meaning it could cause issues with Windows 7, very long Install and Uninstall times are the most common.
If you are lucky enough to get it installed on a Win7 machine cross your fingers you can still compile C and C++ I know it has always been a problem on windows but now you will run into more random stuff then before, uninstalling it will fix the new issues that arise.

I’m in the same boat I have VS2012 but I don’t understand why we are forced to use VS2015. Of course microsoft wan’ts everyone to use it. It means we have to upgrade to Windows10, and buy a new license for an IDE that does not add anything new for C++ other then Windows API keywords that are literally renamed.

Can we use another C++ compiler for Unreal 4.11?

This is misleading. There is a Visual Studio Community version which is totally free.

Though I agree with MS Visual Studio installer should not be crashing…
The original question goes unanswered:
Could I use an other compiler? (clang; gcc)

Yes you can use Clang, and I believe there are a couple others as well besides VS. Here’s a post from an Epic dev on how to use Clang with UE4:

While not the answer I was hoping to read, it still shows there’s plans to work into a direction I would like to see. Thanks for the link. Didnt find that during my short search.

Visual Studio 2015 is free. Just make an account and login and you can use it forever. 2017 works with the latest code too.

I’ve been using VS community edition with Unreal engine since VS 2013 …