Using Unreal Engine with other software components

We have simulator products consists of software and hardware parts. Generally our software is distributed over a number of workstations; server, instructor console and visualization computers. Currently we use a visualization engine that is developed by us. What we looking for is AAA quality 3D visualization for our vehicle simulators. We do not plan to change our server (containing scenario, physics, AI, I/O, sound, etc) and instructor console (containing scenario management, GIS, recording, etc) softwares.

What we plan to do is change visualization software on IG workstations. We could develop a UE4 module that gathers scene and entity informations from network (actually server) and transfer it to the UE4 engine. This way we only use the engine for 3D visualization.

In the explained situation what kind of special license mechanism could be applied?


The UE4 EULA is not a customizable license, so its terms apply to all users. In that agreement, using all or only just part of UE4 makes the resulting product a Product (as defined by the EULA) and royalties are owed on the Product (unless a royalty exemption applies).

If you are interested in a custom negotiated engine license, please go here.