Using Unreal Engine 4 for Rapid Blocking Out of 2d Art

I’m using Unreal Engine 4 primarily for game development, but I’m also a 2d artist and I worked on a couple of album covers for YouTube Pianist Kyle Landry. I decided to see what I could manage with Unreal Engine 4 and painting in Photoshop. I finished both of these in 3 days.

The first one was to just dip my toes into the water so to speak and see what could be done. I modeled the bottle,cork,and paper in Maya and imported into Unreal Engine 4. I used the VaOcean plugin for the water. I then made I 3000X3000 screenshot and brought that in to Photoshop for color grading and painting.

This second one I decided to take things a bit further and make a much more involved scene. Here is the final cover and the original.

I know this may not be the sort of thing most people on here are interested in as this isn’t exactly showing off the wonders of real-time rendering, but from a workflow standpoint I found it very powerful to block out the scene this way. I found that quick blocking is enabled by real-time rendering and is way faster than working in Maya and rendering the scene out. It’s also a lot more versatile to work in 3d when blocking because I can try several compositions and angles, and rapidly iterate until I find exactly what I want for my base image.

Don’t know if anyone has tried or has need for anything like this, but I figured it would be nice to share yet another novel way of using UE4. Also if you want to check out more of my art and some of my game development explorations please check out my deviantart page!